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Are you looking for cool collectibles from your favorite video game, console, TV series, movie or other? Then Paladone is the manufacturer whose gadgets you should take a look at. Paladone are experts in producing creative and magical products from the worlds of both games and movies.

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With us you will find a wide range of gadgets from the manufacturer Paladone. Paladone was founded in 1994 in Brighton on the English south coast. Since its inception, Paladone has become a major producer of licensed products where we mainly see licenses from games, TV series and movies.

Here you can find everything from completely unique and creative lamps to clocks, door mats, games, mugs and much more.

Paladone has everything you need to profile yourself with your favorite from the world of games, comics or movies.

Paladone - leading manufacturer of licensed gadgets

Since its inception on Brighton's vibrant coastline in 1994, Paladone has spread its creative spark like a colorful aurora over the consumer world. Not only have they become a titan among gift companies, but their products are like carrier pigeons reaching all corners of the world, landing in homes and hearts in over 80 countries. Every product they create is a ticket to a world where fantasy meets reality, where every trend and brand takes on a life beyond the screen and page.

Step into Paladone's treasury and you'll find more than just goods; you find laughter, nostalgia and an irresistible invitation to play. Imagine a coffee mug that turns your morning into a superhero gathering or a desk lamp that teleports you to your favorite fantasy world at the touch of a button. Paladone has knocked on the door of the collective consciousness and invited playfulness to the party. Tens of millions of products sold speak for themselves – they are not just things, they are conversation starters, memory makers and sometimes a faithful companion through life's adventures.

But behind every fun gadget and every magical moment lies a green heart. Paladone pirouettes on the thread of durability with the dexterity of a circus acrobat. Their environmentally conscious choices permeate everything they do, from meticulous material selection to the methods that clean the markets in which they operate. When you hold a Paladone product in your hand, you are not only holding a piece of innovative design, but also a promise of a brighter future for the planet.

Meet Paladone's team – an eccentric collection of geniuses, geeks and gamers, whose brains are bubbling with ideas like champagne. Their workbench is a playground for innovation where no stone is left unturned, no X-Wing is too complicated to build, and no wand is too magical to take shape. This passionate crew are not just employees; they are stewards of joy and architects of surprise. With each new product they launch, they promise not just a product, but a feeling—perhaps a tingling anticipation, a rush of joy, or a heartwarming memory. Paladone stands for more than gifts; they represent creativity, geekiness and a celebration of the child within us all.