Jack Daniels kläder, linnen och t-shirts.

Här har du ett av Sveriges största sotriment med Jack Daniels produkter. Våra produkter är 100% äkta merchandise och tummar inte på kvaliteten. Här hos oss får du endast det bästa!

Jack Daniels clothing, linen and t-shirts

Jack Daniels the real rock n roll drink. Here you have the largest assortment of Jack Daniels clothing in Sweden. We have nice Jack Daniels linen, t-shirts, sunglasses and pants and more. You will always have the latest and coolest from Jack Daniels here with us. Jack Daniels merchendice always has really beautiful quality and you always get a really rocky and beautiful look when you buy a Jack Daniels product.

Going to a festival without a Jack Daniels t-shirt or, for that matter, a Jack Daniels linen should be a crime. Drinking it is another matter.

Since we like Jack Daniels clothes and whiskey on dunken.se we have now put together some story, because it will be more fun to wear clothes when you know the story behind the brand?

About Jack Daniels:
Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey is produced with cool, clean, iron-free spring water from a Hollow cave. This water runs all year round at a rate of 3000 liters per minute, with a constant temperature of 13 ° C and it is basically free of iron. That's why the distillery was originally built in this place and that's why it still remains in the same place. Just outside the cave stands a statue of Jack Daniel. There he is guarded by his irreplaceable source.

Jack Daniel always said that "we do the best we can every day we do it". For him, it meant filtering whiskey drop after dropping through three meters of charcoal from sugar maple.

It gives the special softness that one expects of Jack Daniels. Wood charcoal filtration makes Jack Daniels what it is - Tennessee Whiskey instead of bourbon. The process is refining the rich flavor of the whiskey already before it is fully matured. It is a careful procedure that requires extra attention and makes it a little more expensive to produce whiskey. Mr. However, Jack would not do it in any other way and it is respected today.

Most people know that age is not the same as maturity. This applies to whiskey in the same way as for humans. Jack Daniels definition of maturation is not just how long whiskey has been stored, but also what whiskey experiences inside the dish, giving it its full color, its character and its taste. Only age is no reliable measure of whiskey's quality and character. That's why Jack Daniels lets his experts to testers tell when Whiskey is ready. They assess the quality in the same way as you - with a slight odor.

At the end of the 1870s glass bottles were crying, so Mr. Jack stuck to a regular, round, cast glass bottle with the distillery's name in relief. However, it did not last very long. His whiskey was different and he felt that the same would apply to the bottle it was sold in. He found the answer in 1895, when a seller of Alton Glass Company showed him an unusual square bottle of ribbed throat. The legend says that Mr. Jack said he would have a "square bottle" because he was a "square shooter" (ie, a person who is honest and speaks right). Over 100 years later, the square bottle remains a symbol of Jack Daniel's unique legacy.

What mr Jack then remained a true fan of bottles and continued to introduce striking memory bottles in limited edition releases. Today, the distillery carries on this tradition and occasionally produces decorative carafe cases. Some of the bottles honor Mr. Jack's achievements, while others capture the atmosphere and style at the times they represent.

About Jack Daniel:
Jack Daniel founded Jack Daniels as he belongs to the name. When Jack was born, nobody knows for sure when court records and contradictory dates on Jack's tombstone were destroyed. On the other hand, one knows that he died in 1911. This after he forgot one day as a combination to his safe and got so frustrated that he kicked the safe, this resulted in a broken toe. The broken toe led to infection which then passed into blood poisoning, leading to his death.

Jack Daniel used the number 7 on his bottle and there are many stories created over the years on what old number 7 would mean. Some say it was Jack's tournumber, others claim that he had 7 lover and some claim that he wrote his J in Jack so it resembled a 7a. No matter what, he has managed to be associated with the number for many people.

Something exciting with Jack's tombstone is that it is adorned with 2 chairs on each side, and this was said to be chairs for all the women who mourned Jack's death.