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US Cooper modular backpack

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Product Description:

US Cooper modular backpack.

A perfect bag for those who want to have a good gasket and good sorting on the gasket. Here you have a really sturdy backpack with lots of loading possibilities.

The main bag is made of sturdy 600DEN polyester fabric. The bag is equipped with a removable waistband to keep it stable and comfortable in heavier packing. The backpack is also padded both at the shoulder straps and at the back where the back is also designed for air to ventilate the back.

Perfect backpack for festival, hiking, hunting or other where both comfortable carrying and good place for packing is a must.

Main bag:

    Robust 600DEN polyester material
    Detachable hip strap
    Padded rear area
    Padded shoulder areas
    Adjustable chest straps
    Main compartment with inner compartment
    Large front compartment with inner mesh compartment
    Large Velcro cover for stains
    Lateral compression band
    2D rings
    Hose port for hydration system
    Stable carrying handle

Side bags:

    Ca. 20 x 13 x 5 cm - approx. 1.5 liters
    Robust 600DEN polyester material
    High quality zipper with zipper
    PALS loops for Molle systems
    Can be used individually on belts or Molle systems on another bag

Front bag:

    ca. 17 x 33 x 13 cm - approx. 6.5 liters
    Robust 600DEN polyester material
    High quality zipper with zipper
    PALS loops for Molle systems
    3 outer pockets and inner mesh pocket
    Can be used as hip or shoulder pocket


Height 52 cm
Width 41 cm
Depth 27 cm
The dimensions include the removable side bags.

2 kilos

Shall be 100% polyester coated with chlorofiber
Lining 100% polyester
Lining net fabric 100% polyester
Padding 60% polyethylene 20% trivinyl 20% acetate
Elastic cuffs 80% polyester 20% elastodine
Upholstery 100% polyethylene

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