Affliction kläder

About Affliction and their clothes.

A little short information about Affliction.
It all started in 2005 in the United States and became immediately very popular with many celebrities who started wearing Affliction clothes, but Affliction is basically a Fighter brand but you can say that it's so much more than that. Today there are very many rockikons who wear their clothes such as ossy usborne and many others.

Material and fabrication of the Affliction clothes.
It's really here that Affliction stands out from all other mma, rock & street brands.
They never have any bad clothes, unlike anybody else who usually dyes their shirts first, the pressure will be done using the color of the clothes. Then they wrap and wash the number of times before it comes out to make the shirt as good as possible and get the really worn look. So when wearing an Affliction t-shirt, it will look like new all the time. So why do we sell their clothes and therefore their prices are a little above our other clothing brands but if you want quality then you should definitely choose clothes from Affliction.