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Rammstein t-shirt

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Product Description:

Rammstein t-shirt.

A really stylish, cool t-shirt from one of the world's hottest bands and especially one of the band's hottest scenshowers. Then we not only mean the amazing appearance the band always offers without their incredible fire shows.

Rammstein is a German industrial metal band featuring a show of face masks that spout fire, big firecrackers burning under a casserole where the band's keyboardist "Flake" sits and hides and big fire-sprinkling angel wings for the song Engel.

These are just three out of the line of fire spectacle that you can watch the band's amazing plays.

The name Rammstein refers to the German city of Ramstein-Miesenbach where an air show ended in a disaster in 1988. In the accident, three planes collided and wrecked into the vast public sea. The accident cost 70 people and injured 346 people.

What makes the band's international greatness even more amazing is that the band has chosen to keep singing the lyrics in their mother tongue, German.

A black t-shirt from Rammstein with the print in the chain on the chest.

Material: 100% cotton.


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