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Rammstein Engel T-shirt

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Product Description:

Rammstein Engel T-shirt.

Rammstein's song Engel (German for Angel) is one of Rammstein's great hit songs. The song was released in 1997 and was the first single on their second album Sehnsucht.

When Lindemann, the singer of the German metal band, steps up to stage the song, he carries two giant wings on his back. Not only this, the wings are resilient with a firebox on each side that sends out flames of fire halfway into the song. Along with the wings there are also pyrotechnics that create a blinking shine under parts of the song.

All this fire and pyrotechnics are nothing that makes the song Engel unique in any way. The whole of Rammstein's show is the peak of fire and other pyrotechnics. Seeing Rammstein live should be on every man's bucket list.

On this T-shirt, Lindemann stands with his wings in a golden print.

100% cotton

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