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Rammstein kläder

Here you will find all our Rammstein clothes.

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About Rammstein.

The band originally consisted of four members. Richard Z Kruspe, To Lindemann, Christoph Schneider and Oliver Riedel. They participated in a contest of a gig in a real studio which they also won. Soon after, Paul H Landers and Christian "Flake" Lorenz also joined.

The band Rammstein was formed in January 1994 and all members came from different bands before then.

In 1995 Rammstein received a record contract with Motor Music Records and released his first single "Du riechst so gut" and after that came the album Herzeleid, which was produced in Stockholm. This album was their major breakthrough and a little later they became a band to Clawfinger. The fire became a theme in Rammstein's senshower and was very popular with the audience.

Rammstein is presently Germany's biggest music export and all dreas albums have achieved gold and platinum status.

Their style is a mix between synth music and hard rock.
Rammstein clothes.

We have some nice clothes from Rammstein where the log often goes in white but also with their other nice prints such as Engel.

We update here as often as we find something new and, of course, everything we sell is official merchandise.