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Are you looking for merchandise from the band Poison? Then you have a really exciting assortment of mixed products here.

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Merchandise from Poison

Here you will find an interesting and wide range of merchandise from the American glam rock band Poison. Here we have merchandise from Mötley Crües poppy cousin with the same beautiful look as the band's beautiful sound.

Throw on songs like "Every rose has it's thorn" or "Nothin 'but a good time" and enjoy really fun band marches.

Here are some really cool T-shirts, longsleeves and hoodies.

The history of the band Poison

Poison took its first form in 1983 in Harrisburg, USA. Then the band went by the name of Paris. At first, the band had members Bret Michaels on vocals and Rikki Rockett on drums but quickly recruited Bobby Dall on bass and Matt "Ko Ko" Smith on guitar.

Already the year after the band was formed, the band changed its name to Poison and simultaneously recorded their demo section. This demo was heard by legendary manager Kim Fowley, who managed to persuade the young band Poison to make a move to Los Angeles.

Once there, the band soon began producing their debut album, but unfortunately there was a problem between Kim Flowley and the band that caused the project to be closed down.

The band got attention and some gigs, but the failure came back when Atlantic Records first caught interest in the band, because even then they declined to produce the debut album. But the next setback did not wait long, but when Matt Smith became a dad, he chose to drop the band and leave his failed rock career behind him.

The band was now searching for a new guitarist and got stuck for a young English guy who called himself Slash. Unfortunately, Slash chose to say no at the last second, to instead jump on the newly created project called Guns N 'Roses. After a little more searching, Poison finally found the guitarist C.C. DeVille, who filled up the empty space in the band.

This set of Poison managed to get together a first record. In 12 days and for only $ 23,000, "Look What The Cat Dragged In" was recorded. The record sold in over 2 million copies and managed to reach third place on the US list. The album also gave three radio hits including the classic song "Talk Dirty To Me".

Poison's success was ongoing, but was only the beginning.