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Korn Cracked Glass Tee

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Product Description:

Korn T-shirt Lady Cracked Glass.

Korn is an American metal band formed in 1992 in California.

Korn have a unique dark sound on their music.

The band was started by Brian Welch, Reginald Arvizu and James Shaffer, but at the start, the band was missing drummers and singers. They advertised in magazines hoping to find the right members to move on with their band.

The drummer David Silveria (then 21 years old) called up and got a test game for the band. He was adopted.

The band then noticed Jonathan Davis after seeing him play some songs with his then band SexArt on a bar.

They asked him to try and it turned out that his crispy and somewhat scary voice was exactly what Korn was looking for.

This stylish t-shirt has a modern fit with cut folded sleeves.

On the chest, the t-shirt has a big print from the American metal band Korn.

100% cotton

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