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cbgb & surround coffee mug

What is it that gets a cup of coffee to taste extra good? Yes, a coffee mug from CBGB & OMFF of course! This coffee mug is not only a regular coffee mug, it is a tribute to the legendary rock club in New York that has inspired generations of music lovers worldwide.

With this mug you can start your day with a dose of rock story and a hot cup of coffee. Whether you are an incredible music enthusiast or just appreciate a really good cup of coffee, this coffee mug will be a favorite in your collection. Its unique design and high quality materials make it a perfect gift for yourself or to any other music lover in your life.

Every time you take a sip from this coffee mug you will feel the inspiring spirit of CBGB & OMFUG and all the fantastic music that has come from there. So why not put some rock 'n' roll in your coffee drinking? With this coffee mug you can do it every day!

  • Color: Black with white print
  • Material: Ceramics

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