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Camo bandana

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Camo bandana.

A cruel bandana in the camouflage team.

Bananda, handkerchief or scarves. Dear child has many names!

Bandana's history stretches much further back than many think. You can even go as far back as to the dark ages, also called the Middle Ages.

One used the piece of cloth as a handkerchief, but some genius then came up with the use of bandanas as a garment, and then knelt it around his neck. This seemed to be so beautiful so it became a trend.

Bandanas continued for many years and can also be found in American history your garment followed by seafarers / pirates who hijacked Spanish merchant ships. When the bandan finally landed in America, it became a fashion trend even there.

The garment lived there for many years and until the time we feel best like "Wild Western" where the bandanan was used as a kind of mouth protection. The bandanan protected when you rode through the desert in a faster way as it protected from dust and dirt. It also helped one and another villain to hide his (probably) less beautiful face.

Then the garment continued for a few more years and then found himself in Hollywood where the garment made a real success. The garment seemed like hair accessories on many delicious dances that appeared on the film screen. This made the garment once again have a new purpose and a new trend when it seemed together with delicious 50s dresses.

Now it's a new age and the bandana is used around the neck, in the hair, like a browband or as a skull to name just a few uses. It's a very simple piece of clothing that can be used in so many ways.

This makes the garment one of our absolute coolest products.

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