Torshammare With Runes Necklace

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Product Description:

Thor's Hammer With Runor Necklace.

Tors Hammare also called Mjölner is the magic hammer carried by the thunder god Tor according to Asatron. The hammer is still worn today as a piece of jewelery and most preferably in the Nordic areas where asatron was great once upon a time.

The hammer that was made by two dwarves as a gift to Tor from Loke is said to be the one he strikes to create lightning in thunderstorms.

A circle with engraved runes is visible around this hammer. Runes were the script used by the Norwegians. It was not uncommon to see runes as something with magical powers.

  •      Historical origin
  •      Nordic culture
  •      hammer of Thor
  •      runes
  •      925 Sterling Silver

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