Necklace Dream catcher in 925 silver

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Necklace Dream catcher in 925 silver.

The Dreamcatcher is the object that is hung up near a sleeping place and is said to clear away the bad dreams and help lead the desired dreams to the person sleeping.

How does this magical object work?

Well, to understand the function, you have to check on how a dream catcher is built. We see a circular circle with threads that form a net and in the middle of the net we see a gem or stone. Below the ring we find an ornamental thread that ends with a spring.

The net is said to capture the dreams and the bad dreams get stuck in the net. When the sun then rises in the morning, they destroy all the bad dreams that get stuck in the net.

On the other hand, the good dreams are attracted by the stone in the middle (the lidstone) and then slip through the hole in the middle of the dream catcher. The good dream then goes down along the wire to the spring where the spring then leads the dream down to the person who sleeps.

This magical object was created by the American indigenous people we often call Indians. Today, the dream catcher has spread and is now being manufactured globally.

    Created by American Indigenous People
    Said to have magical powers
    Leads good dreams to you
    Prevents and destroys nightmares

925 Sterling Silver

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