Dreamcatcher necklace in 925 silver

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Product Description:

Dream catcher necklace in 925 silver.

A dream catcher is a magical object that has come from the American indigenous people we most commonly call Indians. The dream catcher is often used today as an interior detail or as here on a piece of jewelry, but the story behind the dream catcher is amazing.

The dream catcher is a circle that is usually made of a narrow root or a branch. In the circle, wires are then welded to a net and in the center a large stone is visible. This may seem too obvious, but everything has a purpose.

The net is said to capture all the dark dreams and nightmares that come at night. At today's first sunlight, the dreams melt down and are destroyed. The good and desired dreams are attracted to the center of the curb and slips through the hole in the middle and then is led down by the springs down to the person sleeping.

This necklace represents a large dream catcher with ornate feathers hanging loosely below the large circle.

    Originally from American native people
    Has spread from North America to the whole world
    Said to have magical powers
    Said to clear your dreams from nightmares
    Are said to lead desired dreams to you

925 Sterling Silver

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