Baphomet Necklace

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Product Description:

Baphomet necklace.

Baphomet is a term originally used as the name of a divine form that the Templar Reign was accused of worshiping and which then became associated with various depictions of occult and other mysterious traditions.

Here you will see one of the common symbols that may be associated with Baphomet. A pentagonal star whose tip points downwards and the figure that has a goat's head has horns, ears and beard / chin that fills out the various tips of the star.

Many choose to simply explain the symbol as a satanic symbol, when satan is often depicted with goat heads, but the story behind Baphomet is much more intricate than that.

Certainly you will get stuck in the stories if you sit down and look up the history of the symbol on the internet.

Stainless steel

Ø approx. 3.9 cm

The jewelry is on a black leather strap.

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