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Key chain with leather and skull

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Product Description:

Key chain with leather and skull.

A really nice key chain with a leather strap braided in the chain links.

At the end you have a carabiner and a skull.

The chain length is approximately 71 cm.

Leather and zinc alloy

Key chain in history:
The key chain has been with us since a long time ago. In the past, chains were used for many different valuables in order not to risk losing the item or getting it stolen from the pocket. There are many different examples of items you had attached to the chain on the clothes where the most common are watches, wallets and just keys.

The chain has recently become a modern accessory where you have the chain hung like a piece of jewelry on the side of the trouser leg. The chain got its impact as an accessory in the 80s and 90s. The key chain or wallet chain has since been able to be seen as part of the style in many different style cat styles such as bikers, rock, hip hop and grunge.

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