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Earring Dream catcher in 925 silver

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Earring Dreamcatcher in 925 silver

A dream catcher is a magical object from the American inhabitants who we usually call Indians. The dream catcher is hung up next to your sleeping area and is said to clear the air from evil dreams and nightmares.

The dream catcher is often a very beautiful craft and originally comes from the Ojibwa trunk in North America but is now manufactured and found all over the world.

The dream catcher is often joined by a narrow root or branch that forms a circle. The circle is then filled with threads that have been braided in a large mesh. It is not uncommon for you then adorn both the circle and the net with different details.

Feathers hanging under the dream catcher are very common and are also visible on these delicious earrings.

The stone visible in the middle of the earring is called the curbstone. The idea is that the dreams will get stuck in the net and the only way through is the small hole in the middle. The lock stone should then attract desirable dreams and lead them to the hole.

    Origin from American Indigenous People
    Magic object
    Said to catch evil dreams and nightmares
    Dream catcher in 925 Sterling silver

925 sterling silver

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