Black dream catcher earrings

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Product Description:

Black dream catcher earrings.

A pair of stylish earrings in the form of black dream catchers with three black feathers hanging down from the dream catcher's net.

The dream catcher is an old magical object that comes from the American indigenous people. The dream catcher consists of a ring in which one meshes with a thread inside the ring. In the grid you put beads and in the middle the dream collector has a hole in the net. Next to the hole you also put a stone or pearl.

The lock stone in the middle of the dream catcher was to attract good dreams to go through the hole in the middle to get through the dream catcher. Other dreams get stuck in the dreamcatcher's net.

The dreams that come through are said to be determined by the color of the capstone and the state of mind of the creator of the dream catcher in the interweaving of the dream catcher. In order not to risk creating dream traps that get unwanted properties in mass production, you often put the bead in the middle of the hole of the dream catcher. The dream catcher should then lose his magic power and instead become a powerless ornament.

Metal and composite

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