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The Hulk snapback cap

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Product Description:

Hulken snapback cap.

A cap as green as the Hulk and with an embroidered logo.

The Hulk is very different from the other superheroes in the Marvel Comics series.

The character has both been inspired by Mary Shelley's well-known Frankenstein monster and Robert Stevenson's Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The Hulk is a monster that does not want anything but to be left alone but forced to fight against the outside world and then also for the outside world.

The Hulk is in human form Bruce Banner and is a researcher who helps the US defense to manufacture a new nuclear weapon by the name of gamma bomb. When the bomb is to be tested, Bruce gets to know that teenager Rick Jones has driven in with a car in the tea area and Bruce sets out to save the teenager.

He is subjected to a very high dose of gamma rays in his rescue attempt. This radiation makes him turn every night into the green monster Hulk, and then again become the man Bruce Banner at sunrise.

Recently, however, the transformation has begun to be when Bruce Banner feels angry or stressed. This is explained by the monster being triggered by high adrenaline levels.

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