White fur hat russian ushanka White fur hat russian ushanka

White fur hat russian ushanka

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Product Description:

White fur hat russian ushanka.

White fur hat russian ushanka.

A really fresh and elegant version of the classic ushankan. This Russian fur cap is strongly associated with Soviet-era Russia but was used by the Russian military until 2013. In 2013, Ushankan was replaced with a new similar headgear that had a slightly rounder body and holes in the ear flaps for headphones.

Nowadays, the ushankan has spread throughout the world and is used e.g. in Canada's police force winter uniform. This is just one example of all places that today use the timeless and functional garment.

This white ushanka has a polyester fabric on the inside and the rest of the cap has artificial fur.

The sturdy edge around the crown allows you to open the ear flaps without having to tie them. You then simply fold down the ear flaps and sides.

The cap has a raised edge in the forehead where you will find the old classic emblem of the Soviet Union. This metal tag can be easily removed by folding up the tags that hold the tag in place.

100% polyester

    White ushanka.
    White fur hat.
    Removable emblem.
    Soft artificial fur.
    Foldable ear patches.
    Really cold winter hat.
    Historical garment.
    Used today by civilians, police or military around the world.

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