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Short knitted beanie

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Short knitted beanie.

Meet "Smula", a stylish knitted hat with a unique short crown, which also goes by the charming name sotar hat. This gray beanie is not only stylish, it's also responsible – made with at least 50% recycled polyester. Proof that style and durability can go hand in hand!

With a composition of 52% polyester, 47% acrylic and a touch of 1% elastane, the Smula Beanie combines comfort, durability and a smooth fit. The ribbed design gives a classic look while the recycled polyester feels soft against the skin.

Whether it's a chilly morning walk or a snowy winter day, this beanie will be your faithful companion. Add style to your winter wardrobe with Smula Beanie!

  • Material: 52% polyester, 47% acrylic and 1% elastane
  • Colours: Black, graphite grey, mustard, white, fire red, biscuit.

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