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Phoenix Arise Beanies

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Phoenix Arise Beanies

Bird Fenix is a legendary creature that we can find in many different cultures throughout the ages. The bird was, among other things, holy in ancient Egyptians.

A common statement about this mysterious bird is that it eventually burns to form a pile of ash. From the ash, the bird is reborn as a small bird of Fenix.

There are also other versions of how the bird is reborn, as we can find very far back in the history books. Actually as far back as 400-500 BC.

The rebirth of the bird has made the bird a symbol of immortality, strength and rebirth.

A rebirth could interpret as leaving the old behind and beginning a new life.

This cheeky hat has a large Fenix printed across the front and a small version of the bird there behind.

95% cotton 5% elastane

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