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US Cooper backpack large

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US Cooper backpack large.

A solid backpack with molle system. The backpack has padded shoulder straps and an adjustable waist strap to sit well on your back. The back is also padded on the bag and has also been designed to cool your back with air ducts.

One of the absolute best things about the US Cooper backpack is the straps on the side of the bag. With these, you can pull in the depth of the backpack and adjust the spaciousness of the backpack after packing.

Absolutely perfect when you have not packed your backpack full.

The backpack's two front compartments:
On the front of the backpack there are two compartments in different sizes. What both compartments have in common is that they both close with zippers that are fitted with double runners and that both compartments have fastening loops for MOLLE on the outside.

The top compartment is about 21 x 14 cm in width x height.
The lower compartment is about 22 x 26 cm. in width x height. In this compartment there is also a small smaller open pocket of about 13 x 15 cm and four narrow pen compartments.

The fastening loops on the outside of the compartments make it possible to expand the backpack with modules for, for example, first aid, water bottle, mobile bag or the like. Then it is also good to use the fastening loops for carabiners, ropes or other packing.

Backpack intermediate compartment:
The middle compartment in this practical and spacious backpack is a large compartment located behind the two front compartments. The compartment has the dimensions 25 x 45 cm in width x height. This compartment has a very spacious depth which gives a good packing surface in the compartment.

In this compartment there is a smaller pocket of about 16 x 15 cm. On the outside of this pocket, there are two even smaller pockets in mesh fabric that measure approximately 8 x 12 cm.

This compartment is closed again with a robust zipper which is also provided with two runners.

Back pocket of the backpack:
The rear compartment in the three rows of compartments is also the largest of all compartments. Here you have a very spacious compartment with dimensions of about 35 x 50 cm. Together with a good depth on the compartment, you have a good packing ability in the main compartment.

On the back wall there is a small pocket that can be closed with a zipper. The pocket is almost hidden above the padding towards the back and is the perfect place for storing valuables, mobile, money, etc.

In this main compartment there is also a large net pocket of about 30 x 30 cm. This pocket is sewn on the wall towards the middle compartment.

This large and spacious compartment opens and closes with a zipper that goes all the way down under the backpack. This makes it possible to open the compartment completely, which simplifies when you have to pack something bigger in the backpack or if you want to fold down clothes or the like.

Compress the depth of the backpack after packing:
As we mentioned earlier in the product description of US Cooper large, the backpack has several straps that make it possible to adapt the backpack after packing. In total, there are six straps that can be tightened to pull in the depth of the backpack to the right depth for your pack.

Pack the backpack, tighten the straps and get a stable backpack without room that makes the backpack hang loose.

Another important detail is that the different compartments expand from each other. This means that the gasket in one compartment does not steal space for any of the other compartments. As the backpack is filled with packing, the backpack will be built on the outside.

Details for comfortable carrying of the backpack:
Now we have gone through all the practical functions of the backpack for when you pack the backpack. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. When you pack a suitcase or similar, the packing ability is often the most important thing, but a backpack is meant to be easy and comfortable to carry with you during long hikes. Then it is very important that the backpack is made to be both ergonomic and comfortable.

US Cooper large has a thick and soft padding against the back. The padding is covered with a mesh fabric that helps with the ventilation towards the back.

This thick padding is also found on both backpack straps where you will also find two D-rings. To facilitate the carrying of the backpack for heavier packing, the shoulder straps have an extra chest strap that is fastened to hold the backpack in place.

Last but not least, there is a solid and wide waist strap with click button.

All straps can be adjusted in length to give you the best possible fit.

Backpack fastening loops for MOLLE:
Earlier in the product description of US Cooper large, we have mentioned that the two front compartments are equipped with mounting loops for MOLLE systems. Here you can expand the backpack with different modular bags or simply attach packing directly to the fastening loops.

Such fastening loops are also found on both sides of the backpack, which makes it possible to expand the bag or fasten the gasket on both the front and the two sides of the backpack.

This is very practical if you want a certain gasket easily accessible without having to tear open the large compartments and take out the gasket.

Examples of such packing can be bandage bags, walkie-talkies, water bottles, mobile phone bags, carabiners with ropes and more.

About 40 liters

Height 50 cm
Width 30 cm
Depth 32 cm

Shell 100% polyester coated with chlorine fiber
Lining 100% polyester
Upholstery of 100% polyethylene

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