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Military backpacks

Here you will find a wide range of military backpacks. Within the military, strict demands are placed on the quality, ergonomics and, above all, functionality of the backpacks. The backpacks we offer are newly produced versions of military backpacks, where their functionality and design have been recreated.

Here you will find a variety of models of military backpacks for different needs.

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Buy military backpack online

With us you will find a variety of newly produced backpacks whose design and function are taken from backpacks produced for military institutions around the world. Different military institutions have different requirements for the function and design of its equipment depending on where in the world the military institution operates.

But something they all have in common is that they must be ready to be able to carry a lot of heavy luggage for long distances. This then places high demands on backpacks being of high quality, well developed, ergonomic and functional. Over the years, therefore, great importance has been placed within the military globally to develop different carrying systems on backpacks and maximize their functions.

A military backpack must be able to optimize the possibility of packing, distribute the weight of the pack over the body, allow an ergonomic position on the back, allow the backpack to breathe against the back and be able to compress the backpack after packing it.

It is also not unusual for the military rucksacks to be fitted with straps vertically across the sides and front. These are attachment loops for the MOLLE system, which make it possible to expand the backpacks with modules as needed. For example, it can be modules for a flashlight, knife, mobile phone, water bottle or first aid kit. The attachment loops are also perfect for attaching other equipment such as sleeping mats and ropes.

Which military backpack should I choose?

To find out which of all the different models and sizes of backpack you should choose, you of course first need to check what you want to fit in the backpack. When, where and how should the backpack be used and what do you need to pack?

A good method here can be to pick out all the packing that you want to be able to put in your new military backpack to get an idea of how much space the packing can conceivably take up.

Also, be sure to check the actual measurements in the backpack's product information. The volume gives you an idea of how much the backpack swallows in total, but the length and width of the backpack are also an important factor when you want to fit your pack.

Last, but not least, check out the different functions of the backpacks with compression straps and the like. Then think about whether there is a specific function you want to include on your new backpack.

Military backpack when hiking?

In the military, you have to be ready to be able to travel long distances with both bulky and heavy packing. Then it is important to both be able to compress the pack and have a good rucksack where the weight is ergonomically distributed over the body.

Therefore, the military backpacks are very practical when, for example, you are going out and hiking.

Consider here how far you intend to hike and how much packing is actually necessary to take with you on the hike. It is just demanding to have a hiking backpack that is too big and too much packing on shorter hiking trails.

Another smart feature to check out when hiking is the possibility to pack a hydration bladder in the back of the backpack. Many backpacks have a compartment for this between the padding in the back and the main compartment of the backpack. If you have a bladder with a hose in your backpack, you can easily drink through the hose while you hike.

If you are looking for a hiking backpack for slightly longer adventures, we recommend you take a look in our category for hiking backpacks.